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Our Quality Management System is to guarantee all production processes are controlled so as to insure that all materials are traceable and only the highest quality materials are delivered to the customer.

The material that we produce, procure and supply will be safe, environmentally acceptable and fit-for-purpose. We will meet agreed upon specifications, requirements and objectives


The Core Processes of Quality


Our quality management system is built on four core processes.

  • The production Quality Assurance Plan.

        Our Quality Assurance Plan is to guarantee the quality controlled from the raw material till the finished products. Three step

        inspections are carried out: raw material receiving inspection, in process inspection and finished products inspection.



Raw material inspection

Outer&Inner Surface, Dimension measurement, Chemical analysis

In process inspection

Outer&Inner Surface, Dimension measurement, heat treatment temperature check

Finished products inspection

Outer&Inner Surface, Dimension measurement, 100% PMI, Mechanical test(flattening, flaring, hardness ,tensile strength test), Intergranular corrosion test, Metallographic test, Hydrostatic test , Eddy current test or Ultrasonic test,

  • Customer and employee feedback

        Good performance of quality improvement by customer and employee feedback, by improving customer satisfaction, employee's work

        efficiency and productivity.

  • Auditing

        Internal audit and external audit

  • Continual improvement

        Record and resolve opportunities for improvement, Non Conformance Reports, as well as corrective and preventative actions



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